The Digital Giving initiative - over two years of achieving inspiring successes and directing the world's attention to them - today achieved first place in the "World Summit on the Information Society Award 2020" presented by the International Telecommunication Union in the path of cultural and linguistic diversity and local content, proving that the Kingdom is an ambitious digital nation, Where the initiative was able to enrich Arab technical content and spread culture in society through training courses in several digital fields in many centers, as well as through the digital giving platform and through a number of innovative means and tools, with the participation of a group of volunteers from experts, specialists and technical amateurs, as it kept pace with the technical development Global and the wonderful transformation the Kingdom is witnessing

The award comes in contrast to the efforts made by the Digital Giving Initiative, which was launched from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the heart of the Arab and Islamic world for all Arabic speakers around the world, as the initiative developed an ambitious action plan to achieve its goals in spreading digital culture among various segments of society, and raising the level of technical capabilities of individuals and sectors. Governmental and private organizations, in addition to supporting non-profit organizations in the technical field, and spreading technical awareness among the target groups to facilitate the use of technology in carrying out daily life work, thus achieving more than 1000 training courses, while the course beneficiaries reached 2.2 million beneficiaries, and the number of initiative members exceeded 131 One thousand members, and the total beneficiaries of the programs offered by the initiative reached nearly 12 million beneficiaries, and the advanced media and technical tools owned by the initiative - sponsored and managed by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in cooperation with some relevant authorities - have contributed to the delivery of the initiative's message to the largest range of beneficiaries. In addition to answering technical inquiries, and digitally stimulating and developing bid in the non-profit sector.

On the award, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology for Digital Capacity Development, Dr.Ahmed Al-Thunayan explained that it represents an international standard to honor and appreciate the efforts made by governments, civil society institutions, research institutions and private sector companies, expressing the pride of the communications and information technology system by winning this important and prestigious award, thanks to God and then with support The unlimited leadership that the sector receives from the generous leadership and the efforts of all volunteers, specialists and initiative partners, indicating that winning this award will motivate and inspire more enthusiasm to continue working towards achieving the initiative's goals and maximizing the societal impact through the integrated ecosystem built by the ministry to spread digital knowledge And digital literacy among community members, adding that the Kingdom has begun to reap the fruits of its ambitious vision 2030 and is steadily moving towards the future, basing in this on a road map that leads to the desired future, as well as qualified national competencies capable of achieving ambitions.

In conjunction with the current conditions in the world, and governments urged community members to stay at home for prevention and protection through the application of education systems and remote work, the initiative earlier launched the “We Are All Giving First Edition” campaign, through which it sought to bridge the gap in which it suffers. Some members of the community that prevent them from obtaining sufficient knowledge due to the lack of some technical tools, as the campaign aimed to collect portable devices and tablets from donors and prepare them to start its new journey with new beneficiaries of students from the Kingdom, which contributed to the provision of more than 28 thousand donated devices And 110 thousand donated slides, and the initiative also worked in its second edition to prepare a guide for best educational technology practices in remote work and education, and to provide a set of digital lectures to prepare students, parents and teachers for the new academic year, in addition to offering discounts and special offers for male and female students on devices Tablet, mobile and online packages, activate the Ask an Expert service provided by Digital Bidding.