His Excellency the Minister of Education - Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Takaful Charitable Foundation - Dr. Hamad bin Muhammad Al Al-Sheikh honored the supporters of the "digital empowerment" initiative today, Thursday, 22 Muharram 1442 AH, corresponding to September 10, 2020 AD, which aims to secure devices for students registered in the Takaful system in the Kingdom, in cooperation with the Ministry Education and the participating entities that contributed to providing some equipment for the sake of continuing their education, and the ceremony was held at the Ministry of Education headquarters in the presence of His Excellency the Minister of Communications and Information Technology Eng. Abdullah bin Amer Al-Swaha, His Excellency the CEO of SABIC, His Excellency the Deputy Minister of Education, His Excellency the Assistant Minister of Education, the Secretary General of the Takaful Foundation and Your Excellencies The CEO of Lebara, the CEO of Samba Bank, the CEO of Maaden, the Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Al-Anoud Charitable Foundation, and the CEO of the Advanced Electronics Company. The honoring ceremony began with a brief presentation on the initiative and its objectives, followed by a speech by His Excellency Dr. Hamad bin Muhammad Al Al Sheikh, Minister of Education - Chairman of the Board of Trustees The Foundation - on the initiative and the efforts made to facilitate the process of distance education for students, and at the end of the ceremony His Excellency honored the joint stock companies In the initiative.

For his part, His Excellency the Minister of Education stated that this initiative comes in line with the conditions imposed by health precautions to confront the new Corona epidemic - may God protect everyone -, which began by providing about 20 thousand tablets for third-grade students through schools, and then it will be followed by a distribution phase on the classroom The second secondary and the following stages according to the availability of the devices, and the target in the first phase is 50 thousand beneficiaries, and His Excellency also directed the education departments to deliver the devices to those who deserve them in schools as soon as possible, in order to ensure that students benefit from them since the beginning of the school year.

The Secretary General of the Foundation, Dr. Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Al-Aqili that the initiative is receiving attention from our rational government - may God support it - and with the support of His Excellency the Minister of Education, who urged the authorities and companies to contribute to supporting the initiative, and that the Foundation has delivered the devices to the education departments, which in turn began to hand them over to the deserving students, and he also noted that it will reach the student The recipient has a text message on his mobile phone registered in the Takaful system.

Al-Aqili added that as part of the "digital empowerment" initiative, 2000 laptops were provided to its graduate students who are studying in 24 universities in the Kingdom that would help them - with Allah's help - to further success in their scientific life.

It is worth noting that the Takaful Charitable Foundation is a non-profit governmental institution that supports students in need in the Kingdom's schools, according to a precise entitlement mechanism.

The Foundation also continues to provide its own programs and projects for its students who are registered with it for the next academic year - with the help of God - on top of which is the financial aid project, from which more than 270,000 students benefit and which the Foundation wishes to allocate to buy tablets for male and female students who were unable to provide the devices to them during This initiative helps them to study remotely and Takaful offers a number of other support programs (material, moral and educational) for the beneficiary students to help them succeed in their studies and improve their career and work opportunities. To view them, visit the students' portal on the official website of the institution.