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About Us

The products store is one of the e-commerce sites in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it includes more than 1000 products from various categories, carefully selected to meet a basic need and at competitive prices, which include food, school tools, bags, clothes, electronics and many other quality products.

Searching in stores and markets for a special product to get a suitable price is a matter that takes a lot of time, but in the product store you will find the best products easily while comparing their specifications with other products, multiple payment options and the provision of delivery or shipping service.

We started with a goal of helping needy families who benefit from social security and charities, and we seek to reach all members of society in the Arab Gulf states.

A guaranteed mechanism can deliver your in-kind donation or discounted gifts and coupons to any beneficiary in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf states.

We are proud to be part of the giving and community service system.

Thankfully our store is growing very fast due to the increasing number of online shoppers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Product Store offers a convenient and secure shopping experience with online payments and returns.
Agents, importers and productive families can also display their discounted products in the store. For coordination, contact us.